We are very excited to announce the publication of a new book entitled Curriculum Renewal for Islamic Education which was recently published with Routledge.

AlhamduLillah the book is the culmination three years of effort from a team of 18 educators from around the world to develop a guidebook intended to empower educators in Islamic schools to lead curriculum renewal in their own schools.
Each part of the book provides practical guidance to educators in a particular area of Islamic schooling.

Part I focuses on Islamic Studies formally.

Part II emphasises curriculum integration or more accurately approaching national/state curricular from an Islamic worldview.

Part III provides the pillars for a curriculum renewal process.


The book is intended to be used as a set of readings to inspire renewed thinking in school-based curriculum teams or whole school professional learning communities.

For a quick synopsis of the book watch this short video

For the full table of contents of the book, click Here

This event will be facilitated by Mr Edris Khamissa

Edris Khamissa is an International Consultant in Education and Human Development who has spoken to audiences in thirty countries. His first passion was the teaching of English. This resulted in his nomination as the Chairman of the English Society of South Africa. He is an official ambassador for the Department of Basic Education in the Read to Lead campaign. He is also their official partner in the Speak to Lead campaign.

He is an experienced educator. He was also a successful headmaster of three schools. All in all he is highly respected individual who enjoys an impeccable reputation in the field of education .

His expertise is in self-development and curriculum design. He conducts workshops for Business Corporations. Leadership is another area of his focus. He is a regular guest on National and Community Radio Stations. He has co-authored three books. Two on the Art of Public Speaking. His most recent book is entitled Pre-Marital Conversations and Beyond. His attendees find his programmes life-changing. He believes that one should take ownership of one’s life. This is his recurring theme in his Personal Empowerment Seminars. He is a regular guest on community radio stations.
He is a dynamic individual with diverse talents.

www.edriskhamissa edriskhamissa.com