If trends persist, 75% of today's students entering high school will not complete the post-secondary education required to thrive in our globalized world. Yikes. According to the Freshman Transition Initiative (FTI) of George Washington University, a student's plans for post-secondary education often hinges on the attitudes they develop in the 8th and 9th grade about themselves, their futures, and their educations.

When you think of a high school drop-out, your mind may first go to a child who lacks motivation or goofs off. Rebecca M. Dedmond, Ph.D., and Director of FTI says that, in fact, many drop-outs are very bright.…

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In the virtual world, the definition of a student-teacher relationship is hazy, particularly on social networks like Facebook and MySpace, where adults and teens share the same forums to connect and keep in touch with friends, classmates, relatives, and co-workers. Chances are, your teen has already found her teachers on Facebook and sent friend requests to join their networks.

But is it appropriate for your child to “friend” a teacher on a social network? Terrence Jegaraj, a senior at Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan, primarily adds former teachers or instructors from summer programs in which he has participated. “I am…

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KNOWLEDGE – The Light Of Life

Alia Ahmed | Young Muslims

“Dedicate your life to Knowledge and Humanity”, these were words
of advice from my father when I had asked for his autograph – it was precisely
what his life was all about. But this was way back in my teenage years and I wonder
if I had grabbed the true wisdom behind these momentous words then. Sixteen
years down the road, I still wonder if I do now.

Knowledge may be a single word but it has so much depth in it that we are seldom
able to do justice to it’s meaning. Synonymous to…

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Kids gravitate towards technology—if your child heads straight for the video games or Facebook after school, you know what we’re talking about. With a world of information at their fingertips nowadays, it seems like kids should be finding it easier than ever to succeed in school. However, as more classrooms invest in the latest technology, test scores remain the same, bringing its effectiveness into question.

Technology and Teaching

“Incorporating technology into the classroom requires a double innovation,” says Shelley Pasnik, director of the Center for Education and Technology, Educators who receive new technology must first learn how to use the equipment…

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Quick question: Who discovered America? The almost guaranteed answer: Why, Columbus, of course. The bright student may even know the famous story that Columbus thought he had reached India and therefore called the people he found Indians.

If providing sound knowledge and developing critical thinking capabilities are any goals of an education system, the answer highlights the miserable failure of the education system prevalent in the Muslim world today on both counts. For no one asks the obvious: How can anyone be credited with discovering a land that was already heavily populated? Columbus was the first European to discover America,…

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