Yes it’s that time of the year again when many are anxiously awaiting their results.

Some may have spent many hours putting their shoulders to the wheel burning the midnight oil while others may have been satisfied with a last minute swot hoping that the sections they have covered would constitute a major portion of the task to be assessed.

Did it ever occur to you that we are all in exam mode every second of our lives?

Allah states in Surah Mulk “ the one who created death and life that he may test you which one of you is best in deed” ( Surah 67 Verse 2)


What am I being tested on?

This is the starting point, knowing the scope to be tested. The examiner himself, the one who is setting the question paper is most informed in this regard. It does not make sense asking the Geography teacher what the History paper is all about.

The guidelines provided by the examiner himself would be the best route to follow.

In the exam of life Allah, Allah is the Examiner and He in his Infinite mercy has not left us without guidance.

What is the “Examiner” looking for? What are some of the “tips” that he has given.

The Prophet (s.a.w) stated in a hadith that

No soul shall move until it is asked about 4 things;

his life how he exhausted it,

his wealth how he acquired it and where he spent it,

his body how he utilised it,

his knowledge how much he practiced upon it.

He further stated

“Allah does not look at your features(physical appearance) and your wealth, but he looks at your hearts and your deeds”.

“ The one nearest to me on the Day of Judgement is the one with the best character”


What is the duration of this examination?

Well it actually starts from buloogh (puberty) and it is a process of continuous assessment. It ends at your last breath


How do I score marks?

While there are part marks for whatever good you intended doing you will certainly be rewarded up to 700 times for any good deed done solely and sincerely for the pleasure of Allah. Marks will also be awarded to you for being instrumental in guiding others towards righteous deeds.Be careful not to lose valuable marks by harbouring malice, hatred and envy.The hadith states “Jealousy eats up good deeds just as fire eats up dry wood”


Invigilators and Monitors

The kiraaman kaatibeen would accompany you throughout the duration of the exam.

The ground you walk on would be a witness to your actions . Any action done in the light of day or the dead of night does not go unnoticed.


Use of erasers and correcting fluids

In the Exam of Life Allah has given us the eraser called "taubah". Sincere repentance would wipe out any trace of wrongs committed. You are encouraged to do so before your script is taken away from you with all your blemishes still intact.



Allah the Most Just of Judges would give us a fair trial. Allah will say on the Day of Judgement “ Kafaa binaf sikal yowma alaika haseeba” ( Surah 17 verse 14)

You are sufficient to take your own account today


What about past year papers?

Get information from those who have undergone the test before you. Allah has even kept that within our reach in pertinent verses of the Holy Quran. Take a glimpse into the lives of Fir’own, Namrood and Haamaan. Look a little further into the consequences of their evil doings and the subsequent penalty.

Fir own announced his submission to Allah when it was too late. Don’t procrastinate!

When the exams are over, and your script is collected, you can have all the answers but it will be of no avail.

About the Sahaabah Allah mentions

“They are the ones whose hearts Allah has tested for piety” ( Surah 49 Verse 3)

What was the result “ For them is forgiveness and a great reward”.They actually passed with flying colours.Looking for model answers, look no further than the life of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w). Allah says in Surah Ahzaab” There is for in the messenger of Allah a beautiful example”


Awards Day

Many would be looking forward to the presentation of awards. Allah describes the ceremony when the results are announced on the day of Qiyaamah.

“Then as for him who will be given his book (report) in his right hand will say : Here! Read my book!”

(Surah 69 verse 19)

Others may not be too excited as Allah mentions

“But as for him who will be given his record in his left hand, will say “ I wish that I had not been given my book (report)!”

In utter disbelief he would exclaim “ My wealth has not availed me; My power is gone from me” (Surah 69 Verse 25)


I hope and pray each and every one of us can attain straight A’s

The A of Allah Consciousness

The A of the correct Aqeedah

The A of Amaanat

The A of Accountability

The A of Aadaab and etiquette

The A of Ahkaam

The A of ‘Amaal


May Allah make us from that fortunate group who receive their book of deeds in their right hand in the shade of His Throne.