• Advance, promote and represent the interests of private Muslim schools.

  • Collectively voice opinions on matters pertaining to education.

  • Discuss matters concerning the policy and administration of private schools

  • Establish subject and professional committees.

  • Arrange conferences, seminars, meetings and workshops for professional development.

  • Research, publish and disseminate information relating to education.

  • Training leadership within schools.

  • Encourage co-operation between schools.

  • Organize activities for schools.

  • Promote the establishment of private Muslim in South Africa and internationally.

  • Affiliate and co-operate with other organizations having similar aims.

  • Raise funds to further the objectives of AMS.



"The conference was excellent. Plenty of take home points. Really inspiring!"

About AMS South Africa

The Association of Muslim Schools (AMS) was launched in March 1989 at the Lockhat Islamia School (Al Falaah College) in Durban. Principals and members of the Board of Governors of Habibiya Islamic College, Lockhat Islamia College, Roshnee Muslim School, As­-Salaam, Lenasia Muslim School and Nur-ul-Islam School came together to form this association.

The need was felt to establish an organization to advise Muslim Schools and help them in their development at all levels.


To provide a range of quality services which will enable our schools to deliver an Islamically based-education of the highest standard and quality.

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