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Speech contest hosted by Nizamia Islamic School


10th May 2014



1ST Orient Islamic School Aaliya Abubakr
2ND Islamic Educational Centre Sauda Milanzi
3RD Port Shepstone Islamic School Sabiha Motala


1ST Orient Islamic School Mohammed Sohail Roussoulle
2ND Al Falaah College Mohamed Tariq Joosab
3RD Port Shepstone Islamic School Muhammad Khamissa


Coordinator : MS Saeed

A few days ago, I had the pleasure of addressing a group of teenagers as part of a global youth leadership intiative. Amongst the many issues discussed was their plans for the future. Surprisingly a large number had no clear idea on what exactly they would like to study/do in the near future or where they would like to see themselves in the next 5-10 years.

Those who knew what they wanted to study found it very difficult to substantiate their choices. Reasons for choosing their respective career paths ranged from, "My parents would like me to study medicine" & "Most of my friends are doing a (Commerce/Marketing/HR etc) degree" to "It's an easy way to make money".  Most, if not all agreed that the only possible step to take after matriculation would be studying at a tertiary institution,and there is nothing wrong with this.

What is particularly worrying is the fact that the option of learning a trade,attending a technical college or pursuing a career that would rely on their innate creativity & talent had never been explained to them. Not a single attendee answered with "That's what I'd love to do/study". It is cause for extreme concern that very few children choose to do something they love; something they will look forward to doing; something they would do with passion,commitment & selfless dedication.

Many children have been moulded into believing that success = lots of money. They are prepared to study something they don't even like or may not be good at just so that they can arrive at this warped definition of success. Please let me clarify that there is nothing wrong with making lots of money, there is something wrong with believing that lots of money will bring you fulifllment,validation etc.  Too many children are 'choosing' career paths which are in reality the choices of their parents & teachers. Too many children are being forced to live the dreams of others.

Is it fair for children to grow up with the knowledge that the adults of society will generally only respect those who are straight-A students?  What option do we give the child who does not display proficiency in the subjects we believe are necessary for success later on?  Are schools meant to just work through a syllabus or are they meant to nurture creativity,inspire dreams & equip our children with a defined sense of purpose of life?

May we celebrate the successes of the child who excels in Mathematics and may we also continuously look at ways to inspire the child who doesn't yet know what his/her talent is.

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"The conference was excellent. Plenty of take home points. Really inspiring!"

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