AMS Conference 2016 Survey

AMS would like to thank all those who participated in our conference survey.

Here are the summarised results.

What is your role at school?
Answer Count Percentage
Educator (A1) 20 31.25%
Management (A2) 15 23.44%
Board of Governors (A3) 2 3.13%
Other 6 9.38%
Rate the Quality of Presentations
Answer Count Percentage
Poor (A1) 0 0.00%
Fair (A2) 5 7.81%
Good (A3) 18 28.13%
Excellent (A4) 18 28.13%
Comments 16 25.00%
No answer 2 3.13%
Relevant, inspiring, informative
I think all the presentations were excellent and relevant. Enjoyed them all thoroughly.
all our guest speakers were on point...MashaAllah
I felt that presentations where abit short and rushed through
Too many times and years- we saying the same things
Altough ,reminder is beneficial but many of the aspects that are discussed are rather theoretical and there are major challenges in so far as practical implementation is concerned.
The talks are more motivational than practical
I was impressed by the delivery on Saturday. The presentations were relevant and thought-provoking.
Very good speakers.
Related well to theme, although a few weren't significant.
Alhumdulillah inspiring
Content matter was well presented.
Speakers were capturing and motivational.
most of the presenter had little time and had to cut there presentations while presenting that was not good
P.resentations were lively,informative,motivating
Rate our Sound Quality
Answer Count Percentage
Poor (A1) 2 3.13%
Fair (A2) 8 12.50%
Good (A3) 33 51.56%
No answer 0 0.00%
Rate our Projection (Screen) Quality
Answer Count Percentage
Poor (A1) 3 4.69%
Fair (A2) 19 29.69%
Good (A3) 19 29.69%
No answer 2 3.13%
What did you think of the duration of the Conference?
Answer Count Percentage
Too Long (A1) 18 28.13%
Just Right (A2) 17 26.56%
Too Short (A3) 2 3.13%
Other 6 9.38%
The first day was too long - too much packed in 1 day. It could have been spread out to end later on Sunday as the presentations on Sunday were not so intensive. Saturday was a bit "heavy" although very good.
on Sunday it should have started at 9:30 .we are mums lots of responsibility
Need time for questions after each speaker
4pm is too late. Ideally end at 2 especially since most delegates are working mums.
A day would have been sufficient.
Certain aspects, like breakaway sessions were not fruitful
What did you think of the Catering/Meals?
Answer Count Percentage
Poor (A1) 1 1.56%
Fair (A2) 6 9.38%
Delicious. I'm coming back for more! (A3) 36 56.25%
Comments 10 15.63%
No answer 0 0.00%
Well planned menu
manjaras was on point
Too many cakes and biscuits. Healthier options should be offered and no provision was made for non tea and coffee drinkers.
Hamdulillah very nice and accommodating , not eastern nor western cuisine but was considerate
breakfast was disappointing . No healthy options. To many cakes and biscuits. No rooibos tea
I enjoyed the meals provided. I did feel that the snack/meal times were too frequent. We were indulging every 90 minutes! Perhaps more healthier options could be considered at the next conference. Sandwiches instead of cakes and biscuits at both registration and tea?
Too much of cakes n sweet stuff twice in the morning wasn't a very healthy menu. Savouries would've been a better pick
Though some salted breakfast would be better than only sweet stuff.
in the morning cakes and biscuits where made available the having allot of sugar, at the first break more cakes which had high sugar high sugar, sandwich would have been better,savories etc
Who at your school is responsible to Authorise the Implementation of an Action Plan to implement what was learnt at the conference?
Answer Count Percentage
Educators (A1) 1 1.56%
Management (A2) 13 20.31%
Board of Governors (A3) 6 9.38%
Joint Decision by all stakeholders (A4) 23 35.94%
Comments 7 10.94%
No answer 0 0.00%
The more delegates from a school attend the better and greater the possibility of implementation
Joint decision
However I feel that the educator must take the initiative also.
Very fruitful although not sure if its feasible for the nature of our school to be permitted to implement those kind of changes
If we don't get resources as educators, how can we do anything?
We had pay for the conference from our own pockets. As our principal only paid half. This was very unfair. Some Islamic schools are a money making scheme, im ashamed to be working in one! Staff are paid pathetically! The principal must decide whether they want money or educated kids. Educators work like animals to make money for the school yet we wont evn get one extra day off for eid
no one that I am aware of.
We had 20 teachers attending the Conference. Some of them were new to the profession. They reported that they learnt much about the ethos ta Islamic schools. The most important aspect they garnered is that children are little human beings that will thrive when they get the mother's touch - love, compassion ,empathy and big hugs.
What do you feel we should do to improve our next conference?
Everything was fine just a bit long. Speakers were good
nothing much except the clarity of the mic and visibility of the screen especially for people sitting at the back
There should be a Dropbox where educators could put their suggestions, concerns and questions, as opposed to their pages being passed around. I witnessed a lot of females scrapping their questions due to everyone watching .
Duration of course
Have a conference for principals and all hod's. Attendance must be compulsory
Invite a guest to spiritually motivate us (20min) each day.
Have clear speakers. Have more interesting speakers. Make sure it doesnt carry on for too long. And Sundays are not days for conferences.
Actual Islamised lessons with lesson plans should be disseminated to delegates.
Alot of ground work should be covered and honestly reflected on, in terms of our challenges beyond the classroom which impact on teaching delivery and learning
have more interactive and subject focused sessions.
1.It has to be shorter.
2.It must be conducted by local people (if possible) and/or international guests who are currently involved in education directly on the ground.
3.It must be realistic and practical (not just bayans).
4.First hand case studies and real life situations must be discussed.
For eg. We spoke so much of compassion and love for learners at the conference but how does that link with the current school policies and code of conduct etc..
5.Issues that affect teachers must be considered for discussion eg. medical aids, pension schemes etc.,keeping in mind their financial situation and challenges that schools face.This will allow them to remain more focussed and committed to their pofession and job.
6. Their should be some outcomes /resolutions/benchmarks etc. that are set out.Then all agree to implement and apply.Then this reviewed at a later stage formally.
Use SACE accredited facilitators.
Coping mechanisms.
Learner difficulties
Positive discipline methods
Not all the presenters were audible. The conference was also so long that it was difficult to focus.
more speakers
more topics
1. I was disappointed to note that despite Islamic schools comprising of a majority female staff, there wasn't a single female presenter at the Conference. I am sure that there are many inspiring women who can share their ideas and contribute to the discussion. This will hold true for Chairpersons of the various segments too.
2. The Conference is one of the few opportunities that we have to interact with colleagues from other AMS schools. Perhaps more interactive sessions will benefit us?
3. Time management is crucial. I would have loved to have had the Q and A sessions immediately after each segment as listed on the programme, rather than right at the end.
More physical team building exercise/activities. Such as treasure hunt, capture a flag, etc. Fun activities that are done outdoors.
Address principals on paying workers their due according to islamic laws, how to treat workers and pay them accordingly as muslims
One day session only that could extend to magrib.
Also, speakers that are able to contribute meaningfully in terms of the South African schools in particular.
Conference should be only one day .
Dual projection.
Cordless mike for speakers.
Conference table setting in place of round tables.
Acciustics needs to improved. Sound was getting lost at times.preferably speakers should use mic attached buttons so they could rove during presentation.
Only my thoughts
It was my first and I enjoyed it thoroughly.
Have break away sessions where delegates can move to separate venues and choose topics offered, as done previously.
Interactive sessions
Have a more formal conference venue. Round tables make it difficult for seating and concentration. Add some ice breakers or interesting sporting, recreational activities for educators to bond.
gender balance,more time for presenters,time to question maybe taking answer immediately after presentation, topic should be sent before conference for comments or likely topics wanted by the guest.
More interaction between presenters and delegates
The conference should be just before the commencement of a holiday, so teachers are much more relaxed and spend quality time at the workshop. It would seem that many teachers had other commitments and on Saturday after lunch the crowd dwindled and the response was poor on Sunday. I think the older teachers were loyal and wanted to gain the benefit of the workshop. It would seem that teachers were co-arced to attend therefore the lack of interest.
What topics should we cover at our next conference?
Helping teachers manage their classrooms
Ideas on discipline with love
This was the first. Time that ive attended. Not sure wat topics were duscussed in previous conferences. Theme was excellent
Discipline at Muslim schools
new age discipline / empowering students / going forward with technology
The topic was teachers our diamondsite, however many teachers do not felt that way, I suggest that there should be a segment educating everyone, especially management on how to behave and interact with these adults who are under their supervision.
Dealing with unruly parents
Importance of interpersonal relationship.
Effective management. Streamlining admin and systems.
How management can build and get the most out of their teams.
How the Islamiyat dept, can help drive themes on a monthly basis.
-Creating Allah awareness in learners.
- parent conference
Methods to promote reading. How to encourage good work ethics in learners. What sets an inspirational educator apart from a mediocre educator.
1. Intergration
2. Diversity
3. Transformation
Discuss the syllabus for the Islamiat periods
how to improve physical and emotional health of teachers. How to inspire, engage and energise the bored and distracted 21st century learner.
Innovative ways to develop Aqlaaq and inprove literacy.
Teaching methodology
1. How to promote a culture of learning at schools.
2. How to utilise the childs love for technology accross the school curriculum.
1. Empowering young women at our schools.
2.Addressing the challenge of the integration of children at our schools with the wider community so that they recognise that humanity comprises ALL PEOPLE.
3. The PINK and BLUE Brain....exploring how boys and girls, think and learn differently.
Discipline for schools in the 21st century
1] The importance of engaging in diverse sporting activities. A means to wholisitcally develop a Muslim child.
2] The abhorance of Dictatorship management style
Identifying the challenges faced by educators, specifically within Islamic schools, and finding practical solutions to overcome them.
Many of our educators have excessive workloads , are underpaid , have to teach across phases, and work many Saturdays etc without additional pay/incentives.
As much as I agree with a lot off the ideas at the conference, at the same time these issues should be addressed within the context of the challenges that are faced by the majority of educators .
Teach principals and managers aspects about being good muslim leaders and employers
classroom management techniques
ensuring holistic education
Our relevance in South Africa
1. Share Best teaching practice
2. Solutions to problem areas in classroom
3. Inter active sessions
A survey could be conducted among AMS schools to determine challenges which could then be ratified / approved for conference presentation.
Ways in which a teacher can deal with any difficulties in class by having an interactive session. What works for others may help us.
Nitty-gritty of implementation
Instilling discipline in our high school learners.
Common Islamic studies curriculum for all schools.
Arabic as a compulsory subject at all AMS schools from Grade 1 to 11.
worker and employee satisfaction and compensation
How to gain the support of parents in the triumvirate - many parents are not supportive in their children's education or are too supportive by doing the work for the child. How to strike a balance with the parent to form a partnership with the school.
Classroom management.
Teaching being a Passion rather than occupation.
How likely are you to recommend this conference to your colleagues?
Answer Count Percentage
Unlikely (A1) 2 3.13%
Indifferent (A2) 6 9.38%
Likely (A3) 33 51.56%
No answer 2 3.13%